P24 Interconnect is a leading Interconnect Solutions Provider, and has been servicing the South African Electronics market since 2003. Since then our company has expanded greatly and today we pride ourselves in offering:

  • Interconnect Consultation.
  • Cable Assembly Design.
  • Harness Manufacturing.
  • Cable and Wire processing.
  • Electronic Component Distribution.

Our Electronic Components are imported from world leading manufacturers across the world and Distributed throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and include Connectors, Battery packs, Antennas, Sensors, Switches and a variety of Transducer products.

Our Harness Production equipment is supplied and maintained by world renowned brands such as Komax, Schleunigger, WDT, MCM Cosmic, Mecal, TE and JST, and boosts our production capacity to offer a wide variety of processing such as:

  • RF cable from 1.13mm to RG213, 600pcs/hour.
  • Al/Cu Lug and Solderless Terminal crimping from 4sqmm – 400sqmm, 2000pcs/day.
  • Automatic Cut, Strip and Crimp from 0.13sqmm – 6sqmm Single Conductor, 3500pcs/hour.
  • Multicore Cable up to 25mm in diameter.
  • Automatic Cut and Strip up to 35sqmm.
  • Semi-Automatic Benchtop Crimping.
  • Hex and Indent Crimping, 600pcs/hour.

To take advantage of our comprehensive list of offerings and services contact a consultant at P24 directly.