P24 Interconnect increases capacity and customer service with new additions

P24 has added a Mycronik MY100 DX14 component placing machine to its manufacturing equipment lineup. The machine will be used for the company’s high-volume production to ensure increased capacity and efficiency.

P24 Interconnect CEO Quentin van den Bergh says that, contrary to the prevailing downturn in the economic climate, P24 has in fact experienced a surge in enquiries and orders. “This prompted us to review our current production lines and to step up to the plate in terms of meeting customer expectations.”

Equipped with a dual Hydro and Midas head, the new machine can place 34 000 components per hour and features 160 feeder positions. “While there are other companies with similar equipment, the new machine will allow us to complement our existing low-quantity prototype production line. This sets us apart as we are able to offer customers both low- and high-volume production runs. We believe that our close relationship with our customers was instrumental in helping to identify the need to close this apparent gap in the market for a variety of production runs,” says Van den Bergh.

The new machine will increase P24’s productivity levels by at least 50%, and will also allow the processing of much larger printed circuit boards. “Because of its large loading capacity, we could potentially load two or three different runs, and whilst the machine processes the first load we can start loading the next load. Setup times are the biggest obstacle in productivity, but with this feature we will enjoy the benefit of less downtime for setting up and loading,” Van den Bergh points out.

In alignment with its focus on exceeding customer expectations, P24 has implemented new ERP software which will make its purchasing and manufacturing processes seamless and more efficient.

The customised ERP system was specifically designed to meet P24’s need for harness and electronic production, and parts purchasing management. “Our existing system unfortunately hampered the overall production experience and fell short of our expectations due to limitations such as being unable to manage stock reordering or the production schedule,” says Van den Bergh.

He explains that the new system has enhanced the efficient purchasing of components. “Finger errors and manual calculations are omitted. It also manages our lead times for procuring of parts; includes barcode scanning for less errors and faster kitting; tracks units to find kits and issue parts faster; manages scrappages better and allow us to track progress on production of parts. Together with the new Mycronik machine, the ERP software has positioned us for growth in 2021 and beyond.”


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