Exciting Developments in our Agencies and Future Distribution Channels

Underlining its commitment to growing the presence of the P24 sole agencies, mainly Intercable (Weitkowitz) and the VTE brands in Southern Africa, P24 Interconnect has appointed FS Kruger as their Business Development Manager to create awareness and to grow the brands in Southern Africa.

The Weitkowitz brand has recently been acquired by the large Intercable group, strengthening the product range and bringing the large tool brand and accessories closer to the SA market. The Intercable range of tools is a well-established global brand specializing in Cutting and Crimping tools, both manual and battery-operated machines. Their VDE insulated hand tools are very sought after and compare excellent against the top tool brands available globally. The Weitkowitz (Intercable) tools are accompanied with a large range of tubular cable lugs, manufactured in copper, bi-metal, aluminium, nickel and stainless steel. A full range of non-insulated and insulated connectors are available. The Weitkowitz range of high-spec cable ties and heat shrink completes the accessory section of large family of products.

The Weitkowitz range of products are utilized by different industries, i.e. electrical installation, switchgear and transformers construction, cable assemblies, lightning protection, railway technology, wind energy and solar energy.

The Weitkowitz and Intercable range of products are available now from various distribution partners.


The VTE Brand is synonym to QUALITY products in the Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Forklift, Battery and Marine environment. Their range of Insulators, Terminal Bushes, Connection Devices and Fuse Holders has assisted many manufactures, developments engineers and installers to use items that were not available in South Africa before. The VTE products are specialized solutions on wiring problems in vehicles and water craft. The products meet various global UL, ROHS2 standards and are REACH compliant.

VTE is also available from various distribution partners.

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