2J Antenna distributor

The recent appointment of P24 Interconnect as a preferred distributor of 2J Antenna products in southern Africa, forms part of the company’s strategic plan to become a leading interconnect products supplier in Africa.

CEO Quentin van den Bergh explains that 2J Antennas is one of the global M2M antenna leaders. Unlike many other leading antenna suppliers, 2J designs and manufactures all its products in-house, providing accountability and complete design and quality control.

“Our relationship with 2J Antennas will allow us to expand our footprint on the continent as 2J has the widest range of antennas, providing solutions for the marine, transport, automotive and communications industries as well as to heavy duty industries such as mining and earth-moving,” Van den Bergh explains.

Quality remains a top priority for 2J Antennas, with all products 100% electrically tested, and manufactured according to stringent automotive and European standards.
Affordability and customization are two more hallmarks of the 2J Antenna range. In addition to a vast number of standard catalog products, the company is able to provide customized solutions based on specific requirements. Labor costs are significantly lower than European production centers, yet the level of competence is on par with the likes of Germany, making Slovakia the perfect manufacturing country.

“The ability to substantially extend our antenna offering with a flagship product line from 2J Antennas will prove advantageous to our existing customer base and allow us to seek out new opportunities,” Van den Bergh concludes.