Quality Commitment

At Projects24 Development, our commitment to delivering quality products and services is our number one priority. We make a point of understanding each of our clients’ individual requirements and specifications. By ensuring that our customers are utilising the correct product for their application right from the start, we save them both time and money. Not only do we supply quality electronic connectors and accessories, but we also have a team of qualified experts that can assemble and adjust harnesses and cables where necessary:

  • IPC/WHMA-A-620A certified technicians (More Information)
  • Produced to IEC61238-1 standards
  • Manufactured to DIN EN 60352-2 and DIN 60512-8 standards
  • Social Development BBB-EE Level 5 (Click to view)
  • View our Code of Conduct (Click to view)
  • Quality Policy Statement (Click to view)

Our team is comprised of IPC/WHMA-A-620A accredited technicians. This accreditation represents the highest industry standards for training in cable and wire harness fabrication and installation.

This means that we consistently demonstrate our ability to provide products and services that meet regulatory requirements. Moreover, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective monitoring of all our service deliveries and products. All our cable and harness manufacturing and assembly, as well as our interconnected consulting services are constantly improving to meet the highest industry standards.

Amax BEE Level 6We understand that when it comes to the safety and quality of connectors and electronic components, there is no compromise. That is why we ensure that harnesses and cable assemblies are manufactured to IPC, DIN and IEC standards. Whether your industry is based in communications, security, automotive, medical, appliance, transport or mining industries – we provide the national benchmark in product performance.

Projects24 prides itself on being BBBEE compliant and our level 6 certification is a measure of our company’s commitment to socio-economic development and transformation. We go beyond the original governmental criteria and have moved towards a broader approach that encourages initiatives that promote equality and sustainable fiscal growth. By focusing on human resource development we aim to allow communities, workers and co-operatives to increase their access to financial opportunities and skills.

We are proud to state that our commitment to our customers is underscored by our quality management certificates, our trained industry experts and our dedication to social responsibility.