Company Profile

P24 Interconnect (formerly known as Projects24) was formed by Quentin van den Bergh in 2009 to provide the South African market with fit for purpose cables, harnesses, wire processing services and interconnect components. The company has exhibited an annual growth of 50% YOY and currently employs 40 people at its Sebenza, Gauteng facilities. Located a mere 5.6 km from OR Tambo Airport, the 1000 m2 facility houses offices, a training area and manufacturing/assembly plant, with sufficient warehousing capacity to ensure fast turnaround times.

The ability to provide a turnkey consultation, design, manufacturing and testing service allows the company to supply customised solutions to the security, communications, automotive, mining, industrial, earthmoving, defence, railways & transportation, medical and renewable energy sectors.

P24 is able to provide a complete customised engineering consulting service from conceptualisation, through the provision of CAD drawings, production files, procurement of all components, to in-house manufacture using a selection of world class production and process equipment, as well as custom-built production equipment based on specific customer applications.

Our Harness Production equipment is supplied and maintained by world renowned brands such as Komax, Schleunigger, WDT, MCM Cosmic, Mecal, TE and JST, and boosts our production capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as:

  • RF cable assemblies from 1.13mm to RG213, 600pcs/hour.
  • Solderless terminal crimping from 4sqmm to 400sqmm, 2000pcs/day.
  • Power & Signal harnesses from 0.13sqmm to 6sqmm Single Conductor, 3500pcs/hour.
  • Range of Antenna products.
  • Multicore power and signal harnesses up to 25mm in diameter.

Each member of the team is IPC certified and a combined wealth of knowledge and expertise in the electronics components sector is leveraged to the benefit of P24’s diverse customer base. P24 is an IPC training facility offering IPC-620/WHCMA training and certification.

We service a number of different markets including:

  • Security
  • Communications
  • M2M Telematics
  • Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
  • White goods and Vending equipment
  • Industrial process control
  • Mining
  • Earthmoving
  • Automotive and aftermarket
  • Medical
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Renewable Energy
  • Railway and Transportation
Investment in the development of the local market remains a key factor of the company’s business philosophy with the company sourcing more than 50% of its raw materials from local suppliers. The company imports and distributes electromechanical products sourced both from overseas and locally, with the emphasis on reliability and performance. The company is an exclusive distributor for Aimmet, EMC Electronics, Wellshow and Weitkowitz and iTennae, and the official harnessing supplier of Lapp Group SA. The company is also a distributor/sub-distributor for JST , Amphenol, Molex, TE, Bosch, Yazaki, Sumitomo, 2J and Changhong.

Our highly professional staff is always available to help you with your queries or requirements.

P24 Interconnect focuses on familiarising itself with every market sector it supplies product into. In this way, the company is able to gear up for specific application and market requirements. This entails acquiring and designing/engineering manufacturing equipment suited to the end product as well as training of employees to service that specific vertical market sector. The end result is the provision of world class products and solutions that are designed for fit and form function to each application, delivered timeously and at a market related price.

P24 Interconnect recognises that in-depth product and application knowledge are key elements to providing solutions for customers. The technical expertise of its staff is at the leading edge and has allowed the company to shift from strictly providing distribution of components and harnesses to including value-added services such as just-in-time (JIT), custom design capabilities, assembly and kitting, as well as engineering services.

Recognising the need to manufacture according to customer and market demand, P24 has not only invested in bespoke manufacturing equipment, but has furthermore developed unique machines where required. This includes an intelligent harness tester with an auto programme feature which is able to test any multi-point cable harness against a common standard. Test parameters include checking multipoint cable configuration which it then compares against a golden sample to ensure consistency and correct pin-outs. Another example is the pressure adjustable hydraulic crimping machine that can crimp high current cables from 8 up to 150 mm2, or the customised 400 mm2 process line dedicated to high current cable with diameters up to 65 mm.

Van den Bergh says that a major differentiator for the company is the ability to process a complete range from 0.13 mm2 up to 400 mm2 cables on the premises without adding any additional equipment. “We are also the only company in South Africa that can process PV cable automatically and coil up to 60 m of PV cable while in process.”

The company has in-house testing and verification capabilities for all its processes and products, including pull-off testing to verify crimping, vector network analysing for RF and antenna testing, AC/DC insulation resistance testing, hi-pot testing, programmable point-to-point signal testing.

By concentrating on niche market sectors and entrenching itself in customer’s businesses and needs, the company is able to provide fit for purpose, best practice solutions. An emphasis on keeping its employees current on emerging technologies and markets allows the company to offer quality products and on-time delivery.

As a result of its focused business strategy, the company has earned the loyalty of a number of blue chip customers who include Tracker, Bombardier, SMA Solar and AEG Power Solutions.